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Monday, April 8, 2013

15 Facts about Harry Styles

Cool and Latest Facts about  Harry Styles 

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1.Harry Styles full name is "Harry Edward Styles".

2.Harry was born on  February 1, 1994 

3.Harry's hometown is Holmes Chapel, Cheshire,England, United Kingdom.

4.Harry's Popular Nicknames are Hazza, Haz, Barry

5.Harry Styles Family
Father - Des Styles,
Mother - Anne Cox,
StepFather - Robin Twist, 
Sister - Gemma Styles, 

6.Harry Edward Styles  is the youngest member of the One Direction(British-Irish boy band) group.

7.Harry is very close to his mother, Anne, and his sister, Gemma.

8.Harry loves Singing.

Harry Styles wearing coat

9.Harry Styles Profile at Social Networks

10.Harry's first pet was a dog named Max.

11.Harry's hair color is brown and his height is 5'10".

12.Harry's Zodiac sign is Aquarius.

13.Harry can Juggle, speak French and  play Kazoo.

14.Harry has green eyes and four nipples.

15.Harry was a lead singer in a band called "White Eskimo" before One Direction.


How many countries are there in the world?

Totally, there are 206 Countries in the World.

Here is the list of Countries by Continents.

Countries in Africa

Countries in Australia

Countries in Europe

Countries in Asia

Countries in South America

Countries in North America

Note: Click on the map for enlarged view.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

27 Facts about Justin Bieber

Facts about Justin's likes, dislikes and more ..

1.Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop musician, actor,singer and songwriter.

2. Justin's middle name is Drew.Full name "Justin Drew Bieber"
3.Justin  was introduced by American talent manager named Scooter Braun.
4. "Justin Singing So Sick by Ne-yo"is his YouTube video which changed his life.
5.Justin's birth date: March 1, 1994
Justin Bieber sitting in a red chair
6.London, Ontario, Canada is the birth place of Justin.
7.Justin  plays  drums, guitar, piano and trumpet.
8.Justin can speak English and French.
9.Justin Moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue his music career.
10.Justin once kissed his own poster and said "Yup, I'm a great kisser".
11.Justin's favorite animal is Giraffe.He hates clowns, spiders & the dark.
12.Until the age of 7,Justin had anxiety disorder called Claustrophobia  .
13.Justin's parents divorced when he was 11 months old.He wrote the song “Down To Earth” about his parents’ divorce.14.Vanessa Price is Justin's hair dresser.
15.Justin Bieber sleeps only 6 hours  each night because of his busy schedule.
16.Justin has been a victim of cyber bullying.
17.Justin Bieber is  left handed and he is a Christian.
18.Justin wrote the song 'Where are you now'  about his Dad
19.Justin Bieber solves Rubik's Cube in less than 2 minutes.
20.Justin's First Tweet was "Check out my single One Time on my Myspace and spread the word for me' on may 11th 2009 at 8:27 PM."
21.Justin  loves to skateboard.
22.Justin's Zodiac sign is Pisces.
23.Justin's Favorite Color : purple,
                 Favorite Fruit: Banana and Grapes.
                 Favorite Underwear is D&G
24.Justin uses Google Chrome browser and  iPad phone.
25.Justin  reportedly lost over 80,000 followers on Twitter after he cut his hair.
26.Justin's favorite YouTube video is Chuck Norris fighting a bear.
27.Justin wanted to buy a house for his mom with his first earnings $1,000,000.

12 Weird Animal Facts

Amazing facts about sharks, hippo, snails, jelly fish, butterflies and more weird animal facts are listed here.

1.Sharks, like other fish ,have their reproductive organs in their chest.

2.Hippo's milk is pink in color.

3.The largest eggs in the world are laid by a shark.

4.A rat can last longer without water than a camel.

5.Jelly Fish as a species are actually older than dinosaurs and sharks.

A side facing lion

6.Squirrels forgot where they hide about half of their nuts.

7.Snails can sleep for three years without eating.

8.A hippo can open its mouth wide enough to fit a four foot tall child inside.

9. A cat has 32 muscles in each year.

10.There are more chickens than people in the world.

11.Butterflies taste with their feet.

12.An Alligator can live up to 100 years.

Monday, April 1, 2013

17 Facts about South America

South America is the fourth-largest continent in the world with glaciers,deserts and all types of landscapes and climate.It  is the home to many interesting species of animals and birds.World's one fifth of  the birds comes from here.

1.The world's Southern most city,Puentas Arenas is located in South America. 

2.The Amazon River in South America  is the second longest river in the world.It has the largest drainage basin in the world.

3.One of the world's greatest natural resource,the Amazon rainforest, got its name from the Amazon River which is the life force of the rainforest.It is the largest rainforest in the world.Also known as Amazonia.It is popularly described as the "Lungs of our Planet" because its vegetation continuously recycles carbon dioxide into oxygen and produces 20% of earth's oxygen.

4.Buenaventura, Colombia (with 267 DAYS rain per year), the wettest inhabited place on earth  is located in South America. 

5.The World's highest waterfall,Salto del Angel (Angel Falls), Venezuela is located in South America. 

6.Mount Aconcagua in Argentina is the highest mountain in South America. 
Andean Condor

7.Top 10 Rivers in South America:

  1. Amazon River
  2. Orinoco
  3. Paraná River
  4. Paraguay River
  5. Rio Negro,, the largest blackwater river in the world.
  6. Essequibo River
  7. Madeira River
  8. Río de la Plata(as a river it is the widest in the world )behaves as an estuary in which freshwater and seawater mix.
  9. Marañón River
  10. Japurá River
8.Colombia, in South America is the leading coffee producer in the World. 

9.Brazil  is the largest and the most populous country in South America.

10.The Salar de Uyuni is world's largest salt lake and one of Bolivia's top destinations.

11.Dinosaurs original footprints are preserved in  El parque cretácico(English:Dinosaur park).

12.Andean Condor in South America is the World's biggest flying bird.

13.The Andes is the longest continental mountain range in the world.The world's highest volcanoes are also in the Andes,South America.

15.Main languages: Spanish, Portuguese, and many Native American Languages. 
Principal Religions: Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, and others
Largest Cities: São Paulo, Bogotá, Lima, Rio de Janeiro,Caracas

16.Largest lakes in South America: Maracaibo, Titicaca, and PooPo.

17.Atacama desert in Chile,South America is the driest place on earth.

12 Must-Know Facts about Asia

Asia is the world's largest continent in world covering 60 percent of Earth's total land area.

1.Asia is the most populous continent in the world with world's populous countries,China and India.It is the land of diversity.

2.Asia can be divided into 6 subcontinents :

  1. Central Asia – Kazakhstan Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.
  2. East Asia – China, Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan, North and South Korea.
  3. North Asia – Russia.
  4. India Subcontinent – India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.
  5. Southeast Asia – Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar [Burma], Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
  6. Southwest Asia – The Middle East including Turkey, Iran, Cyprus, Israel, and Lebanon.

3.Top Ten Tallest Mountains in Asia :

Mount Everest is the highest point on Earth and it is located in Asia.

Mount Everest with group of people
Mount Everest

  1. Everest -Nepal,Tibet
  2. K2 - Pakistan,China
  3. Kangchenjunga - Nepal,Sikkim, India
  4. Lhotse - Nepal,Tibet, China
  5. Makalu - Nepal,Tibet, China
  6. Cho Oyu - Nepal,Tibet, China
  7. Dhaulagiri - Nepal
  8. Manaslu- Nepal
  9. Nanga Parbat-Pakistan
  10. Annapurna- Nepal
4.Top Ten longest rivers in Asia :

  1. Yangtze 
  2. Yellow River 
  3. Lena River 
  4. Mekong River 
  5. Irtysh River 
  6. Yenisei River 
  7. Ob River 
  8. Nizhnyaya Tunguska River 
  9. Indus River
  10. Brahmaputra River
5.Asia is located to the east of the Suez Canal, the Ural river, and the Ural Mountains, and south of the Caucasus Mountains (or the Kuma-Manych Depression) and the Caspian and Black Seas.It is bounded on the east by the Pacific Ocean, on the south by the Indian Ocean and on the north by the Arctic Ocean.

6.Asia’s most dominant financial centers are Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.

7.Asia is only continent joined by two other continents,Africa and Europe.

9.China is the world's biggest nation and it is located in Asia.

10.Asia is the only continent where tigers are found in the wild.

11.Caspian Sea is the Largest Salt Lake in Asia.

12.The Dead Sea or The Salt Sea is the lowest place on earth is situated in Asia.

What are the Seven Continents of the World?

A continent is a large continuous mass of land.The World is divided into seven Continents: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia/Oceania.

All the continents of the World, except Antarctica, are "wedge-shaped," wider at the north than at the south.The continents vary greatly in size and more than two-thirds of the world's continental land area lies north of the equator.

 World map is labelled with seven continents

1. Asia

Asia is the largest continent in the world.
Main Languages: Chinese, Hindi, Bengali, Japanese, Punjabi, Javanese, Korean 
Principal Religions: Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Shintoism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism 
Largest Cities: Seoul, Bombay, Jakarta, Tokyo, Shanghai Consisting Countries


Africa is the second-largest continent in the world.
Main languages: Arabic, Hausa, Amharic, Yoruba Oromo, Nguni, Igbo, Akan, Berber, and Malagasy 
Principle Religions: Christianity, Islam, tribal religions, and Baha'i 
Largest Cities: Cairo, Egypt; Kinshasa, Zaire, Alexandria, Egypt 

3.North America

North America is the third largest continent.
Main languages: English, French, Spanish
Principal Religions: Roman Catholics, Protestants, Islam, Eastern Orthodoxy
Largest Cities: Mexico city, New York city, Los Angeles, Chicago, Santo Domingo and more.

4.South America

South America is the fourth-largest continent in the world.
Main languages: Spanish, Portuguese, and many Native American Languages. 
Principal Religions: Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, and others
Largest Cities: São Paulo, Bogotá, Lima, Rio de Janeiro,Caracas and more

5. Europe

Europe is the second smallest continent in the world. 
Main languages: Russian, German, French, English, Italian, Ukrainian, Polish, Spanish, Romanian, Dutch, Serbo-Croatian
Principal Religions: Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Protestantism, Judaism
Largest Cities: Moscow, London, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, Berlin


Australia is the smallest continent in the world
Main languages: English 
Principal Religions: Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, and Orthodox Christianity 
Largest Cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Newcastle, and Canberra-Queanbeyan

7.Antarctica  is the world's fifth-largest continent .

Codes for making International Calls

What is a Country Code?

      Country codes are used to make International Phone calls.Every country has a unique country code. Country codes are the prefixes you need to dial before calling to the country.This short alphabetic or numeric geographical codes (geocodes) are developed to represent countries and dependent areas.The International Dialing codes of a country is called "Country Code" or  International Area Code(IAC) or International Calling Codes.

International Calling codes of all countries

How many Currencies are there in the World?

List of Currencies of the World and their Currency Symbols

There are 179 currencies in the world.
List of Currencies of the World
Currencies of the World

Sunday, March 31, 2013

10 Popular Musical Instruments of India

Can you guess the popular Musical Instruments of India?

Here is the list of the 10 Popular Musical Instruments of India.

  • Shringa/Kombu
  • Nadaswaram/Nagaswaram
  • Chenda
  • Dhol
  • Duff
  • Flute
  • Chimta
  • Mridangam
  • Harmonium
  • Sarangi

Shringa/Kombu musical instrument
Shringa/Kombu is a Horn

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Countries in Africa

Africa is the second-largest continent in the world.Here is the list of 55 countries in Africa and their capitals.

Countries in Australia

Australia(Oceania) is the smallest continent in the world and the sixth largest country in the world,comprising of 17 countries.Here is the list of 17 countries in Australia and their capitals.

East Timor
South Tarawa
The Marshall Islands
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Port Moresby
The Solomon Islands
Port Vila

Friday, March 8, 2013

Countries in Europe

Europe is the second smallest continent in the world .Here is the list of 47 countries in Europe and their capitals.


Countries in Asia

 Asia is the world's largest and most populous continent in the world with 50 Countries.Here is the list of 50 countries in  Asia and their capitals. 

Countries in South America

South America is the fourth-largest continent in the world,comprising of 14 countries.Here is the list of 14 countries in South America and their capitals.

South America

Countries in North America

North America is the third largest continent in the world , comprising of 23 countries.Here is the list of 23 countries in North America and their capitals.
North America

15 cool facts about Brain

1.The Brain is the part of the body's nervous System.The Brain,spinal cord and nerves makes up our nervous system.
2.We use our brain 100%.Almost every part of the brain in active at some time. Only thing,we may not use our whole brain all at once,but we do use them fully.

3.Our brain creates connections or pathways between 100 billion of microscopic cells called Neurons.They are nerve cells that carry messages back and forth between our brain and body.

"When you sit in the same position for 15-30 minutes,may lost feeling in the feet with heavy foot unable to stand and pain".This is because nerves run through all your body and temporarily squash your nerves in that area.So the nerves in that area can't send messages back to the brain normally,and you feel a pain.Again when you stand up,the nerves are not compressed,pain last for seconds and your foot will comes to normal.

4.The brain stem is located at the base of the brain,connecting to the spinal cord.The brain stem controls the body's involuntary functions such as breathing,blood pressure and heart rate.

5.Left side of the brain controls the right side of the brain and right side of the brain controls the left side of the brain.Each side of the brain controls most functions on the opposite side of the body.
Brain picture with parts and short notes
Brain(Buy this pictures here)
6.The pituitary gland is about the size of the pea.It is the gland which controls our growth, located inside of the brain.

7.If we have any headache or pain in the head,our brain can't feel any pain because it has no pain receptors.But rest of the head can feel the pain.

8.The cerebrum is the biggest part and it makes up most part of our brain.It handles movements,language and our sensory organs.So without the nervous system we can't walk,think or breathe.

9.The temporal lobe find on the sides of the lower part of the brain controls the memory and is the home to the brain's memory center.

10.The brain is the control center of our nervous system.Our brain controls everything we do(consciously or not).It is the command center of our body.

11.The typical brain weighs 1.4 kilograms(3 pounds).That's the weight of the average brain.

12.The cerebellum is the part of the brain that helps us to balance and be safe from falling down.

13.As we think emotions won't come from heart.Actually emotions(sad,happy,angry) come from 'amygdala'.

14.Cerebral cortex/gray matter is the brain's outer layer. It is responsible for complex brain functions, such as language and information processing.

15.The hypothalamus controls the temperature in our body like thermostat controlling the room temperature.

41 Weird Facts

41 Weird Interesting True Facts to Read

Weird Facts

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Holidays 2013

2013 List of Holidays in United States,United Kingdom and India
Holidays in United States 2013

Jan 1New Year's Day
Jan 21Martin Luther King Day
Feb 14Valentine's Day
Feb 18Presidents' Day
Mar 31Easter Sunday
May 12Mother's Day
May 27Memorial Day
Jun 16Father's Day
Jul 4Independence Day
Sep 2Labor Day
Oct 14Columbus Day (Most regions)
Oct 31Halloween
Nov 11Veterans Day
Nov 28Thanksgiving Day
Dec 24Christmas Eve
Dec 25Christmas Day
Dec 31New Year's Eve

Holidays in India 2013

1 Jan New Year's Day
13 Jan Makar Sankranti
14 Jan Pongal
18 Jan Guru Govind Singh Jayanti
25 Jan Milad un-Nabi/Id-e-Milad
26 Jan Republic Day
 Holidays 201315 Feb Vasant Panchami
19 Feb Shivaji Jayanti
23 Feb Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti
25 Feb Guru Ravidas Jayanti
10 Mar Maha Shivaratri/Shivaratri
26 Mar Dolyatra
27 Mar Holi
29 Mar Good Friday
31 Mar Easter Day
11 Apr Chaitra Sukhladi
13 Apr Vaisakhi
14 Apr Ambedkar Jayanti
14 Apr Mesadi/Vaisakhadi
19 Apr Rama Navami
24 Apr Mahavir Jayanti
8 May Birthday of Ravindranath
24 May Hazarat Ali's Birthday
25 May Buddha Purnima/Vesak
10 Jul Rath Yatra
2 Aug Jamat Ul-Vida
9 Aug Ramzan Id/Eid-ul-Fitar
15 Aug Independence Day
18 Aug Parsi New Year
20 Aug Raksha Bandhan
28 Aug Janmashtami
9 Sep Ganesh Chaturthi
16 Sep Onam
2 Oct Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
11 Oct Maha Saptami
12 Oct Maha Ashtami
13 Oct Dussehra (Maha Navami)
16 Oct Bakri Id/Eid ul-Adha
18 Oct Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti
22 Oct Karaka Chaturthi
2 Nov Naraka Chaturdasi
3 Nov Diwali/Deepavali
4 Nov Govardhan Puja
5 Nov Bhai Duj
8 Nov Chhat Puja (Pratihar Sashthi/Surya Sashthi)
14 Nov Muharram/Ashura
17 Nov Guru Nanak Jayanti
24 Nov Guru Tegh Bahadur's Martyrdom Day
24 Dec Christmas Eve
25 Dec Christmas

Holidays in United Kingdom 2013

1 JanNew Year's Day
2 Jan2nd January (Scotland)
1 MarSt. David's Day (Wales)
17 MarSt Patricks Day (Northern Ireland)
18 Mar'St Patricks Day' observed (Northern Ireland)
29 MarGood Friday
31 MarEaster Sunday
1 AprEaster Monday (ENGNIRWAL)
23 AprSt. George's Day (England)
6 MayEarly May Bank Holiday
27 MaySpring Bank Holiday
12 JulOrangemen's Day (Northern Ireland)
5 AugSummer Bank Holiday (Scotland)
26 AugSummer Bank Holiday (ENGNIRWAL)
31 OctHalloween
5 NovGuy Fawkes Day
30 NovSt Andrew's Day (Scotland)
2 Dec'St Andrew's Day' observed (Scotland)
25 DecChristmas Day
26 DecBoxing Day