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Monday, April 8, 2013

15 Facts about Harry Styles

Cool and Latest Facts about  Harry Styles 

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1.Harry Styles full name is "Harry Edward Styles".

2.Harry was born on  February 1, 1994 

3.Harry's hometown is Holmes Chapel, Cheshire,England, United Kingdom.

4.Harry's Popular Nicknames are Hazza, Haz, Barry

5.Harry Styles Family
Father - Des Styles,
Mother - Anne Cox,
StepFather - Robin Twist, 
Sister - Gemma Styles, 

6.Harry Edward Styles  is the youngest member of the One Direction(British-Irish boy band) group.

7.Harry is very close to his mother, Anne, and his sister, Gemma.

8.Harry loves Singing.

Harry Styles wearing coat

9.Harry Styles Profile at Social Networks

10.Harry's first pet was a dog named Max.

11.Harry's hair color is brown and his height is 5'10".

12.Harry's Zodiac sign is Aquarius.

13.Harry can Juggle, speak French and  play Kazoo.

14.Harry has green eyes and four nipples.

15.Harry was a lead singer in a band called "White Eskimo" before One Direction.



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